[Slowhand] EC SW MSG Feb 28 08 select tracks

David Gourlay david.gourlay at oracle.com
Sat Mar 15 00:37:32 EDT 2008

Friends - as a bootleg for the Feb 28 08 does not seem to be in circulation, I have select audio tracks from that night's collaboration between Eric and Steve Winwood that I attended. These are audio sourced from a digital camera that I transferred to UTube (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dgourlay36) and then audio. For the pursuits, the audio is not the standard we are accustomed to, but it is good and will hold us over until a DVD arrives (haopefully). Watching a U Tube vid will give you a better sense and forgive my enthusiasm at parts with some yelling :)

Many of you have been very kind and generous to share bootlegs over the past years, so let me offer this up now to the first 10 to reply with a promise to re-offer.

The select tracks are:

Forever Man
Sleeping in the Ground
Double Trouble
Presence of the Lord
Tell the Truth
Kind Hearted Woman Blues
Georgia on my Mind
Little Wing


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