[Slowhand] Winwood's Nashville Connection

Jerry Dunaway jdunaway65 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 07:01:34 EDT 2008

Well, I have lived in Nashville for about four years
now, and from what I understand he lives in a small
rural area called Lieper's Fork (It's about 23 miles
south by southwest of Nashville). Funny thing, though,
he hasn't played here since some street festival (I
think around 2002 or so) and the '04 Bonnaroo show.

I still think he and Eric should come play the Ryman
here, one of the best places to see a live band (well
acoustically and view-wise, that is -- the seats are
hard wood church pews but other than that, it rocks!).

Anyway, there's your Winwood Nashville basics -- I'm
sure there's more in-depth online somewhere, but this
is just the local take on it....

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