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This is exactly why I enjoy being part of the digest.I learn something every
day. Thanks Scott. I have to admit that at the time Roadhouse came out and
I saw it (probably well after it hit the theaters because I know I didn't go
to the theater to catch the flick) I wasn't as much of a blues fan as I have
become in my advanced years! I was intrigued by Healey but not to the point
I went out in search of his music. He must have been quite young when he
did the movie.



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The movie Roadhouse was the biggest break in Jeff Healey's career. It put
him on the map to millions and his career skyrocketed after that.

He even named his Toronto Nightclub Roadhouse.

His new release Mess of Blues is an enjoyable mix of blues and covers that I
recommend to all Digesters.

Scott Wallenberg

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