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Much have been said about Pilgrim already, but I will add that it was a thrill the see EC taking new/innovative steps in the late 90s (with TDF and Pilgrim). And he explored this path with great success. Unfortunately, Reptile and Back Home are very boring. And moreover - with regards to my original post, the quality of the material itself - Pilgrim had outstanding material, while the two others have material worse than the 80s stuff. (Back Home should have been a single with One Day and the title track Back Home).

What I also meant in the first place was that we cannot expect such a strong record again from EC, containing his own material. His song writing ability/motivation is clearly suffering nowadays - a fact he has underlined himself.

In the 10 years since its release, Pilgrim is definitely the EC record I've been listening to the most (of the new Clapton releases in this era of course), followed by Riding with the King and Me and Mr Johnson.

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