[Slowhand] Review of Jeff Healey's final CD - "Mess Of Blues"

debi bluesgurl2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 12:45:19 EDT 2008

For all Jeff Healey fans, I came across this review of his final CD, "Mess Of Blues," published in the Timmins Daily Press, Ontario, Canada":


I hadn't heard Healey's music until I read in Slowhand about his untimely death, with many Slowhanders mourning his passing, indicating that the blues world suffered the double whammy of losing a great person and musician. His followers indicated that Clapton had been a fan of his music, which was good enough for me. I now own four of Jeff's CDs, including "Mess Of Blues," and he was indeed a tremendous talent. I'm grateful to have learned about him and that I can now include this phenomenal artist as part of my life experience.

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