[Slowhand] EC's Rolex Sold for HOW MUCH?

Almighty Geetarz almighty_geetarz at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 09:43:54 EDT 2008

Thanks for the link, I missed that, which reminds me - my memory is
hazy, yet I recall seeing a pic of EC, I think it was during Cream (with
Afro), wearing a Paul Newman Daytona. If anyone has that scanned, or
knows where I can find it, please send it on. I enjoy watch porn just
about as much as I enjoy guitar porn ;) EC was sporting a new 'Z'
series Datejust during the EC/SW shows back in February, so it's not as
if he's out of watch collecting ;)

Also, if anyone has a spare ticket for Tampa, please let me know. Will
be at the Hard Rock for the Miami show ... see y'all there!


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