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... Even hours before the historic SunFest walk-on appearance of Eric
Clapton with headliner Sheryl Crow, organizers didn't know Slowhand would
help make Wednesday night the most auspicious start ever for the
extravaganza. Through a spokeswoman, SunFest boss Paul Jamieson said he'd
heard a rumor that Clapton would come but said he'd only believe it when he
saw it. Now he believes! As Crow started her gig about

8:30 p.m., a Porsche Cayenne arrived behind the stage. Out came the singer
of Tears in Heaven and Layla. Then he pulled out his guitar. "That's when we
figured something would happen," said SunFest spokeswoman Melissa Sullivan.
"This is not the kind of thing we could have planned. They (Crow's handlers)
purposely didn't tell even us anything because they wanted that element of
surprise. When Eric came on stage, the first rows were just awestruck. It
worked." Clapton, who dated Crow before she was briefly engaged to bicycling
legend Lance Armstrong, sat backstage for most of the show and returned to
his seat after jamming on Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground until Crow's encore.
Clapton has been at the Four Seasons Palm Beach for the past two weeks, both
to rehearse for his upcoming tour and record with former Pink Floyd frontman
Roger Waters. (For an exclusive video of the Clapton/Crow song, check out

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Wonder how the Robbie Robertson endeavour is progressing? Haven't heard
anything about it since the MSG concerts with Winwood.

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