[Slowhand] Why can't Clapton come out with some guitar licks on par with

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Tue May 6 17:55:44 EDT 2008

Johnny Winter ? He's like typecasting himself with that Fender.

He needs to come out with an album where in which he lets loose,
complete jam album.

No doubt, he probably got a mental block in his thinking that - he's
got to use drugs to get to that state, course in all reality he just
needs to get around some jammers once in a while, who like to crank
out that kind of music.

Clapton is really void of a jam album. No question about it... Put
your ear plugs in your ears and flip on the recorder and jam out.
That's the way it has to be done.

Can you image playing the same ole songs ones played for the last 20 years.

He ought to ask Johnny Winters, what were you doing back in those days
when you create such music. Course, can Winwood come up with
something like that... I'll answer my own question, probably... But,
Winwood lacks the visual style. He looks too straight lace, like a
nice guy. Course, no doubt... He probably turns all red, when he's
about to explode. Happens. Ya know, I'm surprised Winwood and
Clapton hasn't created such a album.

Course, if they want to play in some deserted place where nobody
really knows them, I know just the place.

Wonder how much a crumped fender would cost on his Porsche ? I do
have to note, when I was in Memphis this weekend I cruised thru the
Porsche dealer parking lot on Covington Pike Road, to look at the
kind of sports car he has. All they had were a silver and a white
one out front, might of had more around back. Course, to blend in
where I'm talking about, one just needs about a 1995 Chevy truck, that
looks like crap.

What a pity, Clapton is out on the road doin shows making a ton of
money, lets just hope he's going to push the relms of the Johnny
Winter sound as nobody has anything which sounds that good. "I'm
yours and I'm hers"....

Lets just hope he doesn't have a lame excuse why he can't get
something in his head.
I'll bet it will come to him if he'd roll down the windows of his car
and look at some bikers, some bikers look hip and some look like
squares... Which one do you think Johnny Winters music is centered
around ?

Go listen to that tune and watch Easy Rider.

Somebody pinch Clapton and wake his arse up...

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