[Slowhand] The chick that yells "Eric I love yooooou"...

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 17:59:21 EDT 2008

Get a photograph of her.... This has to be the gal he noted in his
book as to "doing her", if she's at some of his shows. What's that
tell you.

If Clapton had a brain, along with Doyle Sr. He'd get some hot arse
looking ladies in a select up front in cheering section and of course,
have one or two that can half way sing well, something which the crowd
would remember by... As one can imagine doing one show after the
other - can you imagine how boring that must be for those guys. I
mean, at least something like that would put a smile on the faces as
well as the crowds.

Course, probably be expensive to haul these ladies around... So they'd
be wise to have some guy call up some of the strip joints in those
fair cities to see if some of those ladies would like a ticket to the
show at say - half price.

He'd be so wise to select the gal out of the crowd and bring her up on
stage and don't you know what kind of a photo op that'd be for him.

(Doyle Jr. call your dad an have him do the same thing).

One thing I do have to ponder - is why are hot looking chicks void on
some of his DVD's.
I mean, beauty is not a bad thing... Guys pretty well expect it and
if it's not there, well... Put it this way... Imagine if every DJ in
the nation watched the MSG show and noted about all the hot looking
women in the MSG DVD. Do you think sales would increase, just by the
mere chance of guys taking a gander of some pretty girls...

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