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Sat May 17 03:00:40 EDT 2008

Ahh AG,

You always cloud the issue with facts.

A poignant response, which of course clearly puts both incidents (SNL and MSG) in the correct perspective (I sometimes get a little emotional).

Mind you, I remember watching the Oscars in '73 as a very naive 21 year old in OZ, and wondering what a good looking Indian woman was doing speaking on behalf of Marlon.

This prompted further investigation on my part, which did make me aware of the Wounded Knee incident and further, the history of the American Indians.

This flowed on and prompted a little more research into the Aboriginal struggle (especially "The Stolen Generation") here in Australia.

So I suppose sometimes mixing politics and show business can have a positive outcome to a few plebs (like me) learning a little about the real world.

Perhaps subtle is the way to go rather than the provocative (SNL).



Obligatory EC content - I never tire of Concert For George.


One highlight of mixing politics and music that DID work for me was at the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics when all the members of Midnight Oil wore T-shirts with the word "Sorry" emblazoned on the front whilst performing their number. A direct response to the then Prime Minister's refusal to apologise to the above mentioned 'Stolen Generation'.

(political rant well and truly over now)


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