[Slowhand] "Sunshine Of Your Love" in a current North American TV commercial

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Tue May 20 18:08:07 EDT 2008

Hi Slowhanders,

For those that haven't seen it...

The Bruce/Brown/Clapton composition "Sunshine Of Your Love" is
featured in a men's hair-coloring commercial currently running on
North American TV. The ad features various models/actors who we are to
believe are in their late fifties, although they look to be in their
forties, and they have lifestyles of men in their twenties. There is
one unfortunate shot of a clueless-looking yuppie on stage holding an
electric guitar like it was a sack of flour.

On the plus side, the music soundtrack isn't too bad. The commercial
doesn't feature the original Cream recording - it's an instrumental
version that I assume is newly recorded. The anonymous guitarist has a
good approximation of Clapton's 1967 style and tone, and even the
drummer does a good Ginger Baker impersonation.

I imagine the ad might show up on youtube or elsewhere, if it hasn't
already. Search for "Just For Men" or "Touch Of Gray" (Grey?).

Hopefully Jack, Pete, and EC are making good money from it.

vancouver bc
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