[Slowhand] Too bad Clapton doesn't provide feedback on his blog of his shows.

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 17:05:44 EDT 2008

Robin Trower, does find the time point out the quirks of his shows...
from audio problems to equipment failures and such. EC is probably
such a nice guy, he doesn't want to over stress his crew as in the
blues style of music, it's not required to sound perfect.

I'd like to see that guy play a cigarbox guitar. Something, really
simple... Talk about a photo opportunity. Anything different.

Something like that would get people talking, of course... At the
start of the show, start out with something so simple and switch back
to the Fender. How good is EC harp playing abilities ?

Why doesn't he have somebody blowing a harp in his band ? Toward the
end of his show, play all the old time favorites, which people came to
hear, but introduce them to the blues.

Lets hope when he's playing the blues he's flashing up on the screen
above him pictures of the old south or rather of the old blues men,
which he so admired to follow after.

How hard is that, just don't go over board like Rascal Flatts... How
many flatbed trucks does that guy use in his shows ?

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