[Slowhand] Hey Billy Boy

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Wed May 28 13:32:41 EDT 2008

How about them Heels? Got milk?

Speaking of heels, what type do the babes wear at Clapton shows? I mean the big ones - not the shows - the babes!
While we’re at it, why didn’t the Great Bambino smoke more so he could get his daily requirement of tar? Seems like old times - don’t it?
Old Love is overrated if you ask anyone but Phyllis Diller. She was really funny one time but then she wasn’t again. She should have slept with Durward Kirby. Rocky and Bullwinkle would really get a kick out of that! Reading, Writing and Rocky and Bullwinkle - breakfast of champions.
Maybe Clapton could play the piano and Baldwin would sponsor the tour. Think Kim Basinger would go for it? She was hot in... no, she wasn’t. Then again... why wasn’t she? Think Jack Bruce could play the drums better than Keith Moon? Guess so, since he’s dead. Moon, not Bruce. Bet some of you were holding your breath thinking J Bruce had died! LOL.
If it takes 5 apples to make a decent apple pie and 6 peaches to make cobbler, how long is the string pulled from a cat’s butt? Bill?
Which of the 3 democrats are you voting for. I’m for Johnny McCain - loved him in the Rifleman. Sorry for the political content - especially for those who can’t vote - you know who you are. Well, that’s all for now, Billy Boy. Be really oblique soon.

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