[Slowhand] What are you guys going to do when EC dies ?

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 18:03:22 EDT 2008

What are you going to have to talk about ? I'm merely suggesting
some ways to improve his shows and round out his musical career. If
it don't apply well let it fly.

Will EC use any of my suggestions - probably not. But, if that guy
ever comes into my area and wants to check out some of these black
dives, which could be easily rented out for recording purposes. Well,
that's another story.

I mean, imagine if took the time to record all of these little shows
where in which he just entertained poor black folks in these clubs
under an unassuming name. Of course, those shows probably would be
worth much to his diehard fan who come to see him for their fix of
Layla or Wonderful Tonight.

But, to the bluesfan. Would you guys want to share those recordings ?
Heck, imagine if Winwood suddenly showed up without his keyboard, but
it was all strictly Fender Bluesy Guitar pickin...

Course, I wonder when was the last time that guy played in a dimly lit
dive bar full of some good lookin ladies...

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