[Slowhand] EC playing in small black clubs reply to Bill P etc

steve hayes stevie-wonder at ntlworld.com
Thu May 29 01:14:57 EDT 2008

Its fair to say that yes, he didn't play to small black audiences of
sharecroppers in remote towns. He did however play small bars and clubs
around London to hone his skills quickly escalating to Yardbirds & Cream
whereupon he left that zone. I agree of course a seasoned bluesman from
Mississipi can work a crowd from the back and wink at every lady swinging
her ass, I agree but unfortunately you cant really make a comparison. Sober
EC being slightly introverted lets his guitar do the "winking" albeit in
3000 plus seater venue I honestly believe that EC would have loved to be
accepted in those black bars and even have lived the life even if only for a
decade to be fully accepted and develop intimate stage charisma that he
sometimes lacks. Nevertheless the black kids in UK don't dig the blues there
are black bars & clubs of course but blues clubs are mostly frequented by
white people over 30!

East London

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