[Slowhand] eddie van halen quote in RS RE: Cream

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Fri May 30 14:29:11 EDT 2008

Rolling Stone: How important were THE KINKS for you?

Eddie Van Halen: "I just like songs. I don't mean to sound like a prick
or nothin', but I've never really been that much of a fan of bands
outside of CREAM. And I don't really listen to anything nowadays. The
last record I might've bought was PETER GABRIEL's 'So'. With CREAM, I
was more a fan of their interaction live. You know, they were an example
of 'What's the difference between jazz and rock & roll? We just play
louder.' That's all. We get 12 notes. Do what the fuck you want with
'em, you know?"

Rolling Stone: Your biggest innovation was two-handed tapping — using
both hands to fret notes simultaneously. Where did you get the idea?

Eddie Van Halen: "I was watching Jimmy Page going [sings hammering
guitar lick], like that, with one hand, in 'Heartbreaker'. I thought, 'I
can play like that, and you wouldn't know if I was using this finger
[points to left hand] or this one' [points to right hand]. But you just
kind of move it around, and it's like, 'You got one big hand there,
buddy. That's a hell of a spread!'"

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