[Slowhand] Clapton's Cod Piece

John Mills turbineltd at btconnect.com
Fri Jun 6 02:32:32 EDT 2008

See, I told you it was about glass.


Clapton buys Cape artist's glasswork creation
June 06, 2008

BOSTON - Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton found "something special" by a
Cape artist and purchased it from a Newbury Street gallery this week.

The rock star, who played the Comcast Center Wednesday night, purchased nine
pieces of sculpture from the L'Attitude Gallery, including Benton Jones'
kiln-formed glass bowl titled "Geometric Landscape," according to Jones.

"I'm very excited because I'm one of his admirers, both of his music and
I've heard he has good taste in art," said Jones, who owns Millstone
Sculpture Gallery on Route 6A in Brewster.

Clapton purchased the piece, which cost more than $2,000, to decorate a
large yacht he plans to sail in the Mediterranean, Jones said.

Jones, 38, said he has been sculpting with glass and metal since he
graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992.

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