[Slowhand] BTA: ERIC CLAPTON STEVE WINWOOD 2008.02.28 Madison Square Garden New York USA [Mid Valley MVR 456/457]

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Sat Jun 21 11:26:19 EDT 2008


ERIC CLAPTON STEVE WINWOOD 2008.02.26 Madison Square Garden New York USA
[Mid Valley MVR 454/455]

Fresh off the plane from Tokyo…

Part two of a six CD and three DVD box set from the crème de la crème of
Clapton bootleggers… Mid Valley Records.

Part one can be found at:

CONTRAST CLAUSE: The odds are that the tapes used for this set have already
been up here. But then again, maybe they haven't. Given that Mid Valley is
noted for getting the most out of the tapes they use (the so-called "Mid
Valley magic"), I honestly don't know if I could tell whether the tapes used
for this set have been up here or not. And I am not going to bother to try.
So, you have been warned.

[Presumably the foregoing will pass the scratch and sniff test for the Truth
In Torrenting Act Of 2007 (and as amended).]

According to a comment to the first torrent by our own aziboy: "all three
shows are different sources to what has been available before. The 28th is
also the first complete show from dat to surface I believe. All 3 shows must
have been recorded very near the stage as the sound is really in your face.
Fab release and essential for any Winwood and EC fans."

The show in this particular torrent is an excellent, IMHO, quality AUD tape
(my rig is a Cayin SCD-50T tube SACD/CD player > Audioquest interconnects >
Creek Classic 5350 SE amp > Audioquest speaker cables > Harbeth 7ES-3
speakers, for those who care about such things).

Winwood Clapton
"Blind Faith"
Mid Valley Records
MVR 452/453/454/455/456/457 + bonus DVDs

Madison Square Garden
New York NY USA
MVR 454/455

disc 3 [MVR 454]

Had To Cry Today
Low Down
Forever Man
Them Changes
Sleeping In The Ground
Presence Of The Lord
Glad > Well Alright
Double Trouble
Pearly Queen
Tell The Truth
No Face
After Midnight

disc 4 [MVR 455]

Split Decision
Ramblin' On My Mind (EC solo acoustic)
Georgia On My Mind (SW solo Hammond)
Little Wing
Voodoo Chile
Can't Find My Way Home
Dear Mr. Fantasy

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - Hammond organ, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Willie Weeks – bass
Ian Thomas - drums

Lineage: unknown AUD > "Mid Valley magic" > Mid Valley silvers > EAC > FLAC
(level 8)

EAC report included
FFP included
MD5 included

Artwork for the CD case is included with this torrent. The six CDs come in a
six CD case (same as a four CD case but with two two-CD swinging holders in
the front and back).

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