[Slowhand] EC at Malahide Castle

Joe Toomey joetoomey at eircom.net
Sun Jun 22 14:59:37 EDT 2008

Well the rain came down for most of the day & a good lot of Robert
Randolph's set. Probably as a consequence EC came on promptly at 8.00pm,
not expected until 8.20-8.30 so caught us all a little unawares. Kicked off
with Tell the Truth which was wondrous to behold, next came KTTH followed by
Isn't it a pity and then, worth the price of admission alone - why does love
got to be so sad, which was amazing. After that I didn't keep accurate tabs
on track sequence but do remember Motherless Child, Motherless Children,
Rocking Chair, Double Trouble, Running on faith, Outside women blues,
Cocaine, Layla, Wonderful tonight encore with RR & Mojo.

I've seen the man lots of times from late 70's and I have to say this was
perhaps the most satisfying for me. His playing was on even if Doyle took
more solo's than might be usual. If I had a crib it would be that he omitted
Little Wing which I'm still hoping to hear him play someday.

By the way it had stopped raining prior to EC appearing, started raining
right on the intro to KTTH and stopped just as he kicked off Isn't it a pity
- George was smiling down on us as it stayed dry for the rest of the


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