[Slowhand] Tribute to GeorgeC

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 23 17:32:53 EDT 2008

An Ode to George
George is dead, and I’m sad to say.
I won’t see him play live again cause he’s dead today.
He often channeled Lenny Bruce.
He slammed the Pope and took abuse.
He made us laugh with his slashing wit.
He embraced bad words like darn and poop.
He railed on intolerance pepper with rage,
And he offered up wisdom and advice that was sage.
Cynical and naughty and sprinkled with curse,
His lessons were “smart” tied up in free verse.
Words are harmless when void of hate;
George told us this, but now he’s late.
“It takes two fingers to make the peace sign like it takes two people to make love.
When you do this, you’re jerking off!” (George Carlin)
God love you, sweet George.
I’m going to miss the fucking shit out of you…
Your pal,

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