[Slowhand] Clapton reading music

Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 25 18:03:06 EDT 2008

Please back me up here. I know I'm right but you know what its like when someone questions you.
I commented on Youtube a while ago on 'Eric Clapton instrumental best ever' which is a clip of the concerto from 1990.
I remember at the time Clapton saying in an interview, how hard it was because he had to learn so much of it 'off by heart' because he couldn't read music and there was little room for improvising.
however I dont have that interview to hand and some guy has emailed me saying:

Dude of course he can read music. I think you mean Hendrix.

I'm sure he can't but I need someone to confirm it for me! (or put me right!)


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