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I believe the only time they appeared on the same bill was a one-off benefit
gig for drugs charities in Birmingham,UK on 1st October 1993, ZZ Top opened
and Clapton did a set with Joe Cocker joining him for the second half. As
far as I remember ZZ Top and Clapton weren't on stage together (except maybe
a brief encore, possibly). Clapton had recently given up smoking so appeared
to be in a foul mood for most of the night so it wasn't his best
The thing that sticks in my mind from that night was that from my vantage
point I could clearly see Lee Dickson, (EC's guitar tech), and at one point
he was furiously working on Billy Gibbons' guitar, apparently I later found
out, fixing a dodgy fret, which he had recently learned to do at the Fender
factory. Also, Clapton opening his mouth and furiously gesturing for more
chewing gum half-way through a solo.
A highlight of the concert was his versions of two Hendrix songs, 'Stone
Free' and ' Burning the Midnight Lamp' .
That night changed my view of ZZ Top which I'd always thought of as a
pop/rock band, only knowing the hits. They were extremely bluesy and did
several Robert Johnson songs, (in their own way of course!)
I have a bootleg of the EC/JC set from the gig on CD called 'Feelin'
Alright' so no doubt it is available as a torrent somewhere.
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> Did ZZ Top ever open for Clapton? I think I remember reading an interview

> with Billy Gibons YEARS ago talking about jamming with EC. I want to say

> that it was a European tour but the memory ain't what she used to be. I

> can

> only imagine a guitar sling between Slowhand and Gibons would be insane.

> Can

> anyone shed light on the subject (or even better) point to a good boot of

> said event?


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