[Slowhand] Lost Hendrix Album (EC mention)

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Tue Jul 8 09:27:01 EDT 2008


Lost Hendrix album on the way?
Michael Leonard, Tue 8 Jul, 1:22 pm BST

Yes, another 'new' album is on its way
Veteran American rocker Stephen Stills has found tapes of an album he
recorded with Jimi Hendrix 38 years ago.

The startling revelation came from Still's CSNY bandmate, Graham Nash. In an
interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Nash says he wants to help compile a
box-set for Stills. "He has an enormous history of recording," Nash says.
"In the '70s, he was a recording fool. He just found a bloody album he made
with Hendrix.

"'Oh yeah, I forgot that.' We've got to listen to that... I want to listen
to every track he ever recorded in case he recorded with Al Jolson."

The recordings were made in 1970, the same year that Hendrix died, and will
be fascinating to the millions of Hendrix completists around the world.
Hendrix's solo work in progress at the time of his death has previously been
issued as the album First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, but the news of
extensive recordings with Stills is a revelation.

Stills' 1970 self-titled debut album did feature Hendrix on one track, Old
Times Good Times, but now it seems that there is an album's worth of
material. Stills' album also featured Eric Clapton, but it's not known
whether there is attack featuring all three guitarists - Clapton has never
claimed he recorded with Hendrix, even though the two were friends.

Nash is now cleaning up for the tapes and preparing the Stills/Hendrix album
for an official release.

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