[Slowhand] Is there anybody out there?

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 12:26:15 EDT 2008

Jon Maclean wrote:

Hey folks,

There hadn't been a Digest for several days last week, so I sent a post
to test it, and the next day received a Digest (#175) with only one post
in it - mine! No more Digests since then, am I the only one left


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yes, Jon. You are the end of the line.

DeltaNick watched a PBS special on the 40th anniversary of the
Haight-Ashbury scene in San Francisco, quit his job, bought a VW van with an
8-track tape deck in it, and headed west. No news since.

Almighty Geetarz moved to try and escape the relentless pursuit of the
Clapto-Chix, only to fall in love with one. Last word was they had moved to
Key West, Cody had run away and was last seen heading for Alaska, and AG was
into Jimmy Buffet.

Millsey is said to have simply given up and was rumored to be living in
Provence and working on a biography of Giorgio Gomelsky.

There have been unreliable reports of sightings of the Blonde Rocker in
mid-Town Manhattan.

Someone told me that Fabio had been signed to manage the soon-to-reunite
Milli Vanilli, and was moving to LA.

Yes, Jon. You are the end of the line.

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