[Slowhand] Still here

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 25 14:24:40 EDT 2008

Yep, Mel's still here but still kind of sick lately from two nights in-a-row in the the damp, cold, summer Berkeley air from last month's Greek Theater performances of Plant/Krauss and MK. It's a deep, stuborn, hacking cough that won't budge. It goes and come right back again as soon as I starting think that it's over. Of course, I handed it off to Dar. This Sunday night is JamesTaylor at the same venue. I think I'll bring a warm coat this time.
I've used the downtime to catchup on some rare gems from Notting HBs and ChetAtkins w/MK.
Any updates or good rumors regarding the dates of the MSG E+SW disc release?

>Jon Maclean wrote:

>Hey folks,

>There hadn't been a Digest for several days last week, so I sent a post

>to test it, and the next day received a Digest (#175) with only one post

>in it - mine! No more Digests since then, am I the only one left




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