[Slowhand] Mystery Chord Question

Daniel.Dunseith at corning.com Daniel.Dunseith at corning.com
Tue Jul 29 11:50:15 EDT 2008

To the guitar players in the group:

Whilst the crickets chirp, I'll throw this question out & if it has been
asked & answered, my aplogies. During the World Tour '06-'07, when they
got to the Far East, Pretending was no longer the opener, but instead
switched to Tell The Truth. Just before kicking it off you hear Eric
strum a nasty chord, something in E I suppose- but not an E7#9. Does
anybody know what that chord is? Saw him at Jones Beach last month and he
still used it. While I'm at it, is there a better live version from that
tour than Fairy Tales?

Thanks in advance,


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[Slowhand] Still here!
Hello all,
I was catching up on all the past issues...still here and reading, not
to add but enjoying your post. Keep it up!

Lurking in Louisiana,

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