[Slowhand] hard rock calling

crocketo at vip.cybercity.dk crocketo at vip.cybercity.dk
Tue Aug 19 14:05:39 EDT 2008

I was in Hyde Park to the Hard Rock Calling event (I know many of you have
seen the videos I shot of some of the songs). It was a great day, the
weather was great, the beer was good :-) John Mayer's set not so much. I
thought it was a little bland. Too many slow numbers. I was pleasantly
surprised of Crow's set (except for her song about free gasoline. It wasn't
that good). I liked Clapton's playing although I think it wasnøt as good as
the '06 tour. Great finale in Crossroads, again, I didn't think Mayer played
up to par.

/Kristian (Denmark)

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