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I just tried looking up the name of EC's yacht in his bio, but couldn't find an actual name used. He just called it either the boat, or the ship a lot of the time. I did find this paragraph, though, where he describes paying for this yacht, which he describes as, "a seriously beautiful craft, and leagues ahead of anything else I have seen on the water."

Here's what EC wrote, "For the first time in my life I had to borrow money to pay for something and I wasn't very comfortable with that. Throughout my life, I had always bought everything outright, probably a reaction to my childhood, where everything was paid for in installments, "the never-never" as it was known back then. Luckily, I had a tour coming up, which we had named the "tour to end all tours," as it covered the world, and which should establish, for a little while at any rate, some semblance of solvency. The tour would start in April 2006 and go until April 2007, and I was quietly quite excited about it. It had been a long time since I had toured at that level, and it would probably be the last time, too."

"Clapton: The Autobiography" by Eric Clapton [copyright 2007]

On 31 Aug 2008, Steve McKellar wrote:


> I read an article today on superyachts - more than 23 metres- and

> how they're prone to being robbed by pirates and the like and

> came to discover that Eric has one of 39 metres. Anyone care to

> guess it's name?


> Steve

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