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Blue Guitar??? Wrote..

On web site http://jannye.blogspot.com/2007/11/google-search-eric-claptons-yacht.html
Anonymous said...

If that was Eric's boat, then he must have 2 as I've been working on his other boat "Va Bene" that spent months being re-fitted in Cornwall UK and as far as i know it's still in the med. Been a fan of EC for more than 40 years and I was in awe of him being in the shipyard,however when I talked to him on several occasions, he is so incredibly ordinary.I don't believe he has another yacht as it was never mentioned and to be honest,"Blue Guitar " looks a bit crap compared with "Va Bene"

Eric's yacht is called Va bene and as i have spent 8 months climbing all over it then take it from me it's not Blue Guitar

Loosley translated Va bene means... "It goes well"

Pics of Blue Guitar shown below

Another site says


which says:-

yes. I saw him on it three days ago in Great Salt Pond, Block Island.

You Got any pics to prove this???

Bernie Ecclestone, the ex billionaire brain behind the commercial side of Formula 1 and no doubt an acquaintance of E.C also has owned yachts. One of them had a strangely familiar name

He has owned yachts before : the previous PETARA was the 1992, 47 m, (155 foot) VA BENE (ex ANTHEA PA) by Cornelissen Shipyards


The plot thickens


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