[Slowhand] Liquidating EC collection

Cheryl Donatto cdonatto at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 14:32:29 EDT 2008

I'm going to be getting rid of a bunch of my EC items. Before putting things on Ebay, I thought I'd offer to "real" fans first.
I don't have a complete list of stuff put together yet. Some of the first things I'll get rid will be concert t-shirts and my signature EC watch. I have photos of those things now. If anyone's interested in more information, just shoot me an email to cdonatto at yahoo.com
And... if there's an item you've been wanting... ask me... I might just have it. I have posters, autographed photos, CDs, books, misc items, tour programs, etc.
This will be a long project... so bear with me.

thanks gang!

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