[Slowhand] Shea Stadium

Andrew Paleias apaleias at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 17:26:33 EDT 2008

I was at both Shea shows.  You are correct that EC opened the 2nd show (Elton opened on the first night).  I do not recall him playing snippetts of Sweet Wine or NSU.  He definitly did not play the full versions of the songs.  On this night, EC did come out and play on Runaway Train during Elton John's set.  This was the current single for Elton at the time and EC played on the studio version of this song as well.  They did not play this together on the 1st night.  Hope this helps.

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1. (no subject) (jamt33 at comcast.net)
ec at shea 8/22/92
second night ,clapton played first ej played second. great show. i waited and
searched a long time for this show. found various listings song sets etc. on
this night. finally up on dime and im d.l. as i write this. which brings me to
1st was anyone there ,
2nd did he or did he not go into sweet wine and nsu
i see no mention of this any where
it was the first time in a number of years that i "inhaled" and maybe
my mind played tricks on me.
please i neeeeeeed to knowwwwwwwww.

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