[Slowhand] bankers and guitarists

Bruce Wilson kbw at mchsi.com
Sat Sep 20 10:41:24 EDT 2008

I recall Steve Cropper described as looking like a banker in his MGs days. Now that I think of it, Stax Records was started by banker Stewart and bank teller Axton (ST from Stewart, AX from Axton)...


...and photos of the studio and Satellite Records shop remind me that "Soulsville USA" can be seen on the marquee of the Stax museum with the Satellite Records shop now the museum gift shop. Worth a look the next time you're in Memphis. Me and the Mrs. spent an afternoon there a few years ago; could easily have spent a day or two in there. They had a special exhibit of Beatles photos from an early (1st?) US tour. Museum site:


Those're all the free associations I can muster this soon after a Friday evening.


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