[Slowhand] Non EC related - music software question

Hubert Orbons Hubert.Orbons at flinders.edu.au
Thu Sep 25 03:13:33 EDT 2008

Hi folks,

Does anyone know of any software that can be used to separate the
instrumental from the vocals on CDs for burning to a CD etc ? Some
blues songs in particular have great instrumentals but less than
pleasant lyrics. As a result I don't play them with some of my family
& friends. If I can convert these to an instrumental version, I won't
totally miss out.

As an after thought, wouldn't it be great if an instrumental version of
CDs were included, like a bonus CD/DVD you see often these days. No
extra recording is required, just leave out the vocals in the mix, so
the cost would be minimal. Could be a large market here to improve on
the usual instrumental elevator music around the place.

Cheers, Hubert

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