[Slowhand] The "Beano" Sound

Nicholas Aleshin deltanick at comcast.net
Thu Oct 2 21:09:41 EDT 2008

>> I read recently that there is a rumor that Clapton used a Dallas
Rangemaster (treble/tone booster) in addition to his Les Paul and
Marshall to achieve his legendary sound on the Beano album. I hadn't
heard this before - but in a way it makes sense because of the active
circuitry on his sig strat - they seem to be similar. I found a couple
of websites that talk about his use of the Rangemaster, and since the
Rangemaster isn't a stomp box, it would have to have been sitting on
top of Claptons amp. I haven't seen any pictures from the Beano
sessions that show it, so I'm a bit skeptical. Anyone have any
thoughts on this? <<

Nobody has ever produced a photograph of Clapton using this device.

Clapton has never mentioned using one.

Nobody associated with Clapton -- such as bandmates, guitar tech, etc.
-- has ever mentioned his use of such a device.

I've been following EC's career since 1966. When I first learned of
this revisionist rumor -- which is exactly what it is -- was only some
3-4 years ago. I've researched this and read about it more than most

It's totally false, and is always mentioned by people born long --
many years -- after Clapton left John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers.


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