[Slowhand] Torrent details for "Joe Bonamassa - House of Blues, Cleveland, OH 2008-10-09"

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Mon Oct 13 08:50:42 EDT 2008

Mark (and Digest):

Sorry, i couldn't see the whole title in the subject heading. Yes, i
went last thursday nite and it was his best show yet i have seen live.
they set up reserved seats on the floor, and i ended up front row center
thru my concert club. he did a lot of "show off" stuff this time around,
including using one of those funky antenna devices that Jimmy Page used
to use to make spaced-out sounds (i forget the technical name).

The opening song was "ballad of john henry" (i forgot to take the
setlist from the stage, but got a pick from him - it could be the
tiniest pick i have ever seen, but very stiff). he did 13 songs or so,
including ZZ Tops "just got paid". he also quoted a riff from deep
purple's "perfect stranger" during "bridge to better days", and a
zeppelin riff on another song later.

he didnt come out to sign autographs like usual, but i know the leader
of his street team and walked back stage with her. he signed my picture
that i took with him of me and the twins this past summer. I asked him
if at the end of the his performance of "Sloe Gin" if he quoted the
opening notes to EC's "Edge of Darkness", and he said "yes", that it is
one of his favorite pieces by EC. I know he is an EC fan, but that is
pretty obscure to say the least! Anyways, I gave him a copy of Mel
Boss's EC/Winwood "Icing on the Cake" bootleg. He hadn't heard any of
the MSG shows yet and asked me how it was - I told him it was
outstanding, as well as explaining what Mel did to make the recording
stand out amongst the others in circulation.

Joe has a new live 2 CD live album called "Live from Nowhere in
Particular". It closely mirrored thursdays set. I highly recommend it!


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> trying to get an account here. Which show is it?


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