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Thanks very much John for providing your amusing anecdote and the
attached article on Mr Martyn. I've been a huge fan of Martyn's work
for many years (my second-favourite artist even?) and his lifestyle
continues to amaze.
EC didn't contribute substantially to the Glorious Fool album in 1981,
but I thought it was great just to have EC on a Martyn track. For me
that was special in itself. Eric is spot-on in saying that Martyn "was
so far ahead of everything, it's almost inconceivable". I mentioned this
article to a friend who didn't know of Martyn and he asked who he
sounded like or could be compared to. I was unable to provide an answer.


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Now this is the guy I first met in the adjacent urinal stall of the King
Bill pub, (King William the 4th. in Ewell, Surrey - a popular folk club
the day), one Friday evening in 1968. I half-turned and uttered, "who's
tonight"; he replied, "I am". He went on to play a blistering acoustic
So, he can deny his folk roots as much as he likes, it was still the
to his later fame.



Boozy Martyn hits new peak
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