[Slowhand] Song Titles

Almighty Geetarz almighty_geetarz at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 28 14:56:06 EST 2008

When I down load a set from Dine a dozen, is there way to down load the song titles as well as the music.I have been down loading the music but can it does not show the song names in Winamp.


If you're playing the native FLAC files, sorry but as far as I know you'll have to rename the files yourself.

Now if you are burning to CD, some programs use a database to provide track names.

The old CDDB is now Gracenote, and is only available to licensed programs (like iTunes).

I've typed in roughly a bazillion of them for EC shows, so if you use iTunes and/or a program with access to Gracenote, your shows may come up there.

I'm not sure what WinAmp uses, there are other databases out there (freedb, etc.).

Hope this helps!


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