[Slowhand] Bobby Whitlock on the Passing of Delaney Bramlett

Kevin Wilson kevinwilson at telkomsa.net
Tue Dec 30 16:45:23 EST 2008

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I would like to thank you all for everything that you have done for me...I
can't possibly begin to express my gratitude...~...I loved Delaney and he
was my father figure...I was really hurt and disappointed that he conducted
his Life the way that he did...He didn't have too...But that was the Life
that he chose and it infuenced Me and a whole generation of players to be
something a little bigger than ourselves...My love for him never wavered
just like the love I had for my dad...It didn't matter what they did to
me...They were loved by me no matter what...Love has no boundaries and no
conditions...I never lost the respect that I had for him as a player and as
a positive musical influence on everyone who came within his orbit...He was
My friend for forty-three years...Even through the stormy years during his
preparation for his departure...~...His body may have expired...But his Soul
and his music will never die~...Neither will My love for My Friend Delaney
Bramlett~...~Bobby Whitlock~

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