[Slowhand] Summerfest Tix.

Kevin O'Rourke korourke3 at wi.rr.com
Fri Apr 2 12:15:18 EDT 2010

OK - Here is the deal. I have four tickets for the Summerfest show with Daltry on the 28th coming my way. They should be in the first few rows hopefully. Can't promise that but I do know they will be in section 2 which is the first section center stage. I know they're not on sale yet. It helps to have connections with Summerfest Management :-).

Since I had no luck with the Ticketmaster EC Access presale for Xroads and then when they went on sale I was busy...... Some of you might remember why from an earlier plead to hook me up for tickets.

I'm using two for sure and would like to work out a face vaule trade + the $$ difference with someone for two Crossroads tickets hopefully seated and close to the action since my Summerfest tickets will be. Someone must have two extra tickets and since they are in town for Xroads maybe they'd like to catch the Summerfest show which is two days later.

I don't have them in in hand yet but I should after the 10th and would just like to see if anyone would be interested. I figured maybe we could exchange at Xroads.


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