[Slowhand] 3 Cream questions

Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Mon Feb 27 12:12:12 EST 2012

Responding to myself once more, to clarify...

> The rest of the "jam" section exists as an edit piece, and had to be

> edited in to the regular LP mix for the DCC and TWTD. Because the

> "jam" is still fading as the ending starts, an edit couldn't be made

> there. So the DCC and TWTD handled the issue in two different ways.

> DCC simply edited out 2 bars, while on TWTD, 2 bars were copied and

> pasted. Here's the analysis again, renumbered, including the (short)

> LP mix:

After a bit more listening and analysis, I believe things went
something like this:

1) Original mix was how it exists on the DCC (cold ending to jam, edit
into 4/4-3/4 section):

jam (complete) -> [edit] -> 4/4-3/4 -> 4/4-4/4 -> "It is a cold winter..."

2) A decision was made to shorten the jam. An edit piece/crossfade was
created by fading out the jam early while simultaneously starting up
the 4/4-4/4 section (the one between the 4/4-3/4 section and "It is a
cold winter...").
3) The extended jam was edited out and the edit piece/crossfade put in
its place. Doing this effectively repeated the 4/4-4/4 section:

jam (fades) -> 4/4-4/4 (copy) -> [edit] -> 4/4-3/4 -> 4/4-4/4
(original) -> "It is a cold winter..."

The DCC just removed the edit piece/crossfade and put the original
long jam back in its place.

Those Were The Days essentially took that and recreated the extra copy
of the 4/4-4/4 section as found on the edit piece/crossfade.

Hopefully that makes sense...


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