[StBernard] Thanks

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Oct 30 19:46:22 EST 2005


Thank you for the effort you put forth in maintaining this web-site. It has
been an important source of accurate information to me, and I am sure, to
many others.

I would also like to publicly thank Craig Taffaro for his responsiveness to
get involved and answer questions covering virtually every area of interest.

I do not mean to omit the efforts put forth by the National Guard, our
deputies, fireman, Parish Council, Mr. Rodriguez, and many others whose
names escape me at this time. Their efforts and those of the young people
that have volunteered as Relief Help have benefited our parish greatly.

St. Bernard will return over the next year, regardless of what others may
say. Mistakes will be make, but if mistakes aren't made, it simply verifies
what I have always been told - "The person who never makes a mistake, never
takes on a challenge." I am praying that many of my former neighbors and
friends return, and am confident that ultimately, we will be a stronger
parish than before the storm.

Again, my thanks to all and God Bless.

John F. Richardson

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