[StBernard] Corinne Estates Homeowners

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jan 12 08:23:25 EST 2006

Former, current, and new homeowners in Corinne Estates are asked to send an
email to CorinneHomeowner at aol.com with their names, Corinne address, current
mailing address, current phone nos and email addresses. Regular updates on
the subdivision and other news and pictures will be forwarded to you. A
database will be sent periodically to the Corinne Estate homeowners so that
we can communicate with one another, but it will not be made public. If you
received emails yesterday, then we have your information already. If you did
not, then we either have an incorrect email address or we don't have one for
you yet.

We appreciate da-parish.com providing this forum for St. Bernard. We have a
homeowner now in Germany who gets his information this way! Other
neighborhoods may want to try to have their homeowners check in with someone
who has internet access so they can create direct email communication among

So far our meeting/party on Dec. 31 and sharing information with one another
by phone and email has been very helpful.

Corinne Estates

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