[StBernard] Demolition

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jan 12 10:46:10 EST 2006

I have not had the experience of having my home over assessed. Maybe I just

fell through the cracks but I bought my home 12 years ago and my assessment,

or at least my taxes, have remained the same. Maybe my assessment has been
updated in the assessor's records, but not reflected in my taxes. I don't
know, but I know my home has increased in value in the last 12 years from
when I bought it and totally renovated it. I got it at a great price, it was

a fixer upper, and I renovated it. It is in an upscale neighborhood, or at
least it used to me. With the improvements and the increase in the price of
real estate over the last 12 years, my home is worth much more now, but I
pay taxes on the pruchase price. Yes, I have heard others complain about
high taxes, and they go to the assessor's office to complain and try to get
the tax reduced. Does that mean the assessor reduces what she feels the
house is worth for her records? Maybe my situation is not the norm. And you

are right, I didn't complain about my taxes not being raised, I didn't go to

the assessor and tell her my house is worth more and to please raise my
taxes for me. I thought many people, even older people that paid much less
for their homes 30 or more years ago were still paying on the purchase price

rate, or a much lower assessment. My mistake on that. In any event, I
support the Baker Plan and I hope it passes.


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