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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jan 12 11:53:10 EST 2006

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"Have you ever found out who marked my white bark brick on 10/28 at 2300
Despaux with the blue paint? My window covering had already been marked
with the x designating that the house was searched for bodies. Besides the
inside of the house had been cleaned which could be seen through a 10 foot
window. In addition, they also broke the frame of my front door requiring
the entire assembly to be replaced. Prior to this I only had to replace a
broken glass in one sidelite and the initial door. Now I need to replace it
all at my expense unless I can work a miracle with my honeowner insurance.
Still don't know how I will get the teal blue paint off of my white bark
brick without removing the bark finish off the brick. However the paint is
minor, but the fact remains "who did it and why?". I've heard of one other
house with the blue markings made on 10/28 and it was in Lexington."

Jill, I can't speak for the council, as they have their hands full trying to
explain away at what happens in the parish these days.

However, in regards to entry breaks and markings, I've got my insurance
company to send me another check for these groupings of "break-ins" and
"property defacings" by emergency personnel, etc., They paid for the
door/frame breaks, removal of paint, etc. Please address this with them.
(mine was State Farm).

If they do not, go to the Lousiana Insurance Commission's website and post a
complaint on their form available. You should hear from the adjuster
(they'll ask you his name, claim #, etc..) within 2 days to off an
adjustment to your settlement. :)


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