[StBernard] Request for Information

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jan 20 00:53:50 EST 2006

"After numerous follow-up calls we were informed that once the subdivsion
had electricity our problems would be solved. Well, last Saturday night
Corinne Drive/Avenue were well lit. I called Fleur and was advised that
they are waiting to file for a permit once they get the "box" they need to
accomodate underground wiring. I asked if I could buy this "box" in
Tennessee at an electrical supply house and was informed that all the boxes
were used in Alabama, and that we have a backorder of 400, yet only 3 came
in last week.

What is the name of this "magic box" and does anyone know where I can get
one? Are there any alternatives short of having our house rewired and then
applying for a meter, or is that even an option? Quite frankly, I don't know
who to believe any more from FEMA, Fleur, etc., so I am asking for
information from someone in St. Bernard who would like to have others move
back. Any information would be of benefit. --John Richardson"

**John, Opinion? Well, nope, I'm not a license/master electrician (although
my brother was and I worked for him as a helper for a spell years ago, but I
was wondering if what you describe is the green/colored box that is in
servitudes in the sides/rear of property? It doesn't sound like an
electrical service panel that's on the side of the home with
switches/throws/fuses, wiring, etc.

If it is the green box like I had in my yard, it's fed by Entergy as
underground wiring in some locations go along servitudes most homes (without
the telephone cables, powerlines overhead) are serviced. I can't tell you
where to gtet it, and one wouldn't wish to tackle such a task with dangerous
voltages. Perhaps a call to Entergy to ask them?

Also, perhaps an internet source if most are booked?
http://www.servicemagic.com/ www.homedepot.com or an online source for

Perhaps someone can pinpoint the exact service/part you'll need.


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