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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 09:56:16 EST 2006

I never thought of Westley's service as a 'forum for people to speak their
mind'. It has been a way for people to help each other in their time of
need - a place to ask questions, ask for help, share recovery ideas, keep
informed, without being inundated with rumors or pettiness. With the amount
of emails coming from this site each day, I am grateful that Westley "culls"
the submissions. If you need a forum to speak your mind, go to the nola.com


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if you are going to have a forum for people to speak their mind it
should be open to everything unless it gets nasty or vulgar and I don't
see that yet. I know you never put a couple of my e-mails up because I
asked and named a few politicians for answers concerning some things.
Seems like you are protecting them. I think people just want to know
things about the politicians. Its as simple as that. We just want to
know that the leadership is on the straight and narrow. We know the
history of St. Bernard politics and La. politics for that matter and I
think the time has come for that under the table or behind closed doors
stuff to stop. We want to know and hold them accountable. Of course
the people who are receiving favors won't want it brought out into the
public. Money and power can be an evil thing if in the wrong hands.
Temptation is a hard thing to resist especially when it comes so easily
and so much is flowing right past us. I say print it all. If thats
what the people want to talk about. Like the song says "Let them talk
if they want to."
Craig Klein

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