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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 14:32:54 EST 2006

Your thoughts about a Katrina/St. Bernard movie led me to forward this email
I received yesterday in my inbox by a friend of mine, Brad Showalter:


As many of you may remember, but it seems some in this country have
forgotten, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in and around New Orleans on
August 29, 2005. In the weeks immediately following, there was non-stop
news coverage and nationwide outrage over the handling of the relief effort.
While most of the coverage focused on New Orleans proper, very little if any
focused on my hometown, St. Bernard Parish.

TO THIS DAY...four, almost five months later... "there is massive
devastation and total loss in my hometown." I can repeat this line a
thousand times, but no one who receives this email can or will truly

In order to help you all try to understand and in order for others to take
notice, I'm sending you this link - http://www.jasonite.com/stbernard.htm
<http://www.jasonite.com/stbernard.htm> .

This is a link to a movie about St. Bernard that is currently showing at the
Sundance Film Festival (Jan 19-29th). For the first time, my hometown's
story is being told. However, it is a story that is not over. It has not
past. Instead, it is an ongoing story that my family and my friends are
continuously writing. It is an ongoing struggle that involves political
infighting and bureaucratic red tape. These are people like you and
I...they are people looking for some direction...they are people looking for
their homes.

Please take some time...not work time, of course...to watch this movie. If
you are so inspired, please forward the link to as many people as you would
like. The purpose of this video is to keep this story alive...let people
know that Katrina may have meteorologically disbanded and moved on, but her
effects are still being felt and the people she has affected are still
struggling and they need our help.

Thank you,

Brad Showalter

Admissions Counselor
College of Charleston

843-953-5670 main
843-953-7461 fax

www.cofc.edu <http://www.cofc.edu/>
admissions at cofc.edu"

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