[StBernard] SBA loans -- why are some getting more than others?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 14:38:57 EST 2006

If that is your payoff amount then that makes sense, but if it is not, such
as in our case, we have to have our loan re-evaluated, in order to pay off
the mortgage; its a double hassle which I won't even go into, all I can tell
you is in the least, we've been reassigned to 3 lawyers and finally was told
she would assign is a loan officer; hello! Its not like we're asking for
public aid, but we are being treated that way. I might as well be living in
Mexico and enjoying margaritas by the ocean.

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in my case, i am getting what is called a 'relocation' loan. i
relocated to
the northshore, and so therefore i can refinance the mortgage i
placed on
the new house with the sba. i explained to them that i was not
returning to
st. bernard as there is no levee protection and my childs school was
in the
oil spill area. so, in order for my family to be safe, the
relocation loan
was the way for us to go. now prior to my buying a home on the
the sba was only going to lend me $24,900 to go towards repair of my
home on
judy drive........i hope this answers your question, good luck,

nancy sinopoli

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