[StBernard] thoughts about St. Bernard Parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 20:42:16 EST 2006

"Jer, I admire your eloquence and agree; send your prolific writing for
publication; I have tried many times, but like any other writer, you have to
keep trying. This situation calls for the squeakiest wheel getting the
grease. We hear you bro! Keep it up! As Nelsen Algren said, "Go through life
kicking and screaming". Mudpie "

****Well MP, thanks, as I don't really try at it on purpose. I did notice
that there are some that prefer "dull" writers to flamboyant ones. I tend to
write what I feel, ignoring adversities and charging ahead, realizing truth
is even "stranger than fiction" to some, but to me is preferred to ignoring
the truth on purpose. Also, having been a publisher and technical writer for
20 years has helped, I suppose.

We live to be challenged, if we want to avoid drab lifestyles. I'm like that
with eating salad, always choosing to throw in occasional cheese, nuts,
tomatoes, bacon, and cucumbers to plain lettuce. Why limit myself, as it's
better than gouging myself with greasy hamburgers (yum!!)So, it is with me
in dialog. I rarely write one sentence, because I'm one who believes that
"silence is not always golden", but just that--silence and complacency.

We're concerning/discerning citizens these days. I only can hope to be the
one someday that can figure out how to turn back the clock to August 28th.
Oh, how many changes I would make, given the opportunity and blessing.

Thanks folks for listening at a time when others have what might seem--large
mountains yet to cross. Someone (Huxley)once wrote, it's a "brave new
world". How could he have known St. Bernard's future?


(Things and times are tough anywhere, but always "hard in St. Bernard!"

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