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Concerning your reply about Murphy Oil preparing for Katrina was very
different than almost every other business except maybe the other refinerys.
It has a procedure in place to fill the crude/product tanks to a certain
capacity, and it was not followed for some reason. How many other
businesses have this type of procedure I really do not know. But this is
not only about money it is about peoples health, which you can put a price
tag on that. Watch what happpens when we get heavy rains for along time I
will almost put money that we will have oil coming up out of the soil. >



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> Westley:


> As always you go the extra mile to insure that your readers receive

> accurate, relevent information. It is no wonder that certain lawyers

> utilize the legal system to fatten their pockets at the expense of the

> residents of St. Bernard that they continuously claim they are "helping".

> The entire parish, residents, businesses, and government can use any

> help possible, so I challenge these attornies to contribute the "7%

> fee" they are receiving that righfully belongs to those settling with

> Murphy to the parish government with the stipulation that it be used

> to purchase and utilize street sweepers (I know we are all tired of

> getting nails in our tires), tree trees on the neutral grounds, repair

> the parks, and other projects that would benefit the citizens of St.



> Will it happen? I doubt it, because these snakes are not looking out

> for St. Bernard residents - they are looking out for themselves. I

> personally wish that I had the financial resources to file an appeal

> against the judges' decision. At the minimum, I encourage all to

> contact our parish, state, and federal officials, especially the U. S.

> Attorney, and request that a thorough investigation be initiated. I

> suspect that the results of any such investigation, while quite some time

away, would be eye-opening.


> I am glad that we quickly settled last October, despite the nay-sayers

> that had visions of hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages coming

> their way, for an "accident". (While there may have been some

> negligence on Murphy's part, how many businesses thoroughly prepared

> for Katrina? How many residents? We evacuated, but we certainly

> could have reduced our losses had I not been so hard-headed and taken

> the time to move what I could upstairs, instead of assuming that we

> would once again walk away with wind damage

> only.)


> My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow residents for a quick

> resolution to this matter, and for the incentive to continue to rebuild

our community.

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